We've not had great luck with the chickens this year. Dotty, the last of the Wyandottes, died a week or so ago. Here she is right before she got sick.

Red, our last remaining chicken, has finished her course of antibiotics, just in case, but she's awfully lonely. She's taken to following Owen around the yard whenever he goes out to play and has nearly followed Joy on walks around the neighborhood. Last night she hung about roosting on the railing of the front stairs just to be close to her "flock".

She'll be less lonely soon though, as her new flock was born yesterday and arrived home today. There are a pair of Golden Comets, a pair of Easter Eggers, and a pair of Speckled Sussex now cheeping in the corner of the office. These guys are active, excited, and hungry. They all figured out the chicken nipple right.

Much like last year, the cats are desperate to get in.