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One of the younguns started laying!

15 September 2013 5:36pm | Posted by Alex

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29 May 2013 4:50pm | Posted by Alex

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Chickens come, Chickens go

25 April 2013 5:54pm | Posted by Alex

We've not had great luck with the chickens this year. Dotty, the last of the Wyandottes, died a week or so ago. Here she is right before she got sick.

Red, our last remaining chicken, has finished her course of antibiotics, just in case, but she's awfully lonely. She's taken to following Owen around the yard whenever he goes out to play and has nearly followed Joy on walks around the neighborhood. Last night she hung about roosting on the railing of the front stairs just to be close to her "flock".

She'll be less lonely soon though, as her new flock was born yesterday and arrived home today. There are a pair of Golden Comets, a pair of Easter Eggers, and a pair of Speckled Sussex now cheeping in the corner of the office. These guys are active, excited, and hungry. They all figured out the chicken nipple right.

Much like last year, the cats are desperate to get in.

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What the Chicken Said

6 April 2013 7:43pm | Posted by Alex

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Whiny is laying now too

14 January 2013 8:31am | Posted by Alex

It seems that Whiny (the surviving Wyandotte hen) is now laying as well. This morning we found Red in the process of laying in the corner of the coop behind the feeder (she also had a second egg, probably from yesterday, back there with her) and another egg, slightly paler and a bit more pointy in one of the nest boxes.

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Brave Chickens

4 January 2013 1:12pm | Posted by Alex

The chickens have been cooped up, quite literally since just after Christmas, on account of all the scary white stuff on the ground. They didn't venture out more than to run down the ramp and hide under the coop, where their summer dust bath has frozen into an icy little lake. But today they decided that the white stuff might not be so bad and went exploring. Meanwhile, the squirrels have been at the bird feeders out back, dumping sunflower seeds on the ground, the foraging is good.

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Chicken Christmas

24 December 2012 11:28am | Posted by Alex

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First Egg!

22 December 2012 8:49am | Posted by Alex

Someone laid their first egg!

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10 July 2012 11:00am | Posted by Joy | Originally posted here

RIP Red Dave. I think you managed to break your own neck, tangled in some fencing maybe. We're not sure. Chickens aren't the brightest birds out there, but it's still sad.

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Dave's all grown up

1 July 2012 9:18am | Posted by Joy | Originally posted here

The Dave's are looking all grown up. They are willing to do anything for watermelon but are happy with lettuce, cucumber, and raspberries too.

Spotty Dave has turned out to be more Dave than the others. He struts around, showing off tail feathers and trying to crow. I see soup in our future once the weather cools off.

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We're wet!

3 June 2012 10:48am | Posted by Joy | Originally posted here

Three inches of rain in one day. Not quite smart enough to come in out of the rain.

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Outdoor Chickens

20 May 2012 3:47pm | Posted by Joy | Originally posted here

At long, long, long last, the chickens are living full time outdoors. The coop and the run are complete, except for some paint. The Daves seem very pleased, once we taught them how to go up and down the ladder from coop to run. Hopefully we've critter proofed it well enough.

Owen loves having the chance to run around and try to catch the chickens. The reds seem ok with that, the others aren't so convinced.

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Hiding in the Pine

13 May 2012 4:36pm | Posted by Joy | Originally posted here

Who knew that chickens camouflage so well in a pine forest?

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29 April 2012 4:04pm | Posted by Joy | Originally posted here

Dave the Red made it very clear today that I either need to make a cover for the brooder, or taller walls. I guess I know what this afternoon's project is.

In other news, the Daves are no longer cute. They are solidly into gawky adolescent ugliness with feathers poking every which way. Fortunately, watching them trying to fly is so funny that you tend to forget how ugly they are.

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Gawky but curious

27 April 2012 2:43pm | Posted by Alex | Originally posted here

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