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Launch Day

25 July 2013 1:12pm | Posted by Alex


Tasting the ropes:

Ready to head to the lake:

Christening her Wren:

Off we go:

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Just paint and varnish to go

14 July 2013 7:49pm | Posted by Alex

The outside of the hull is painted, she's right side up, and the mast fits nicely. All that's left is to paint the inside, varnish the seats and spars, and add some bunks to the trailer. With any luck, we'll bring her down to Mirror Lake next weekend and get her wet.

Joy's mother made her a flag:

All the spars hanging up to be varnished:

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Nearly ready for launch

26 June 2013 11:05am | Posted by Alex

Lots more progress this weekend on getting her ready for launch. We're down to a ever shrinking punch list of things that have to happen before we splash her. Photos below the cut.

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Shellback Update

26 May 2013 10:38am | Posted by Alex

I just realized it's been quite a while since I posted any photos of the boat. I've made quite a bit of progress since the last update.

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Scarfing and Planking

6 April 2013 7:46pm | Posted by Alex

Day two:

Scarfing the bottom board:

The first plank goes on:

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Counting Screws and Sewing Sails

3 April 2013 11:58am | Posted by Alex

Yesterday three very large boxes arrived on the back of an semi-trailer containing the worlds flattest boat. Or at least proto-boat.

It's a kit for a 11' 2" Shellback sailing dinghy, a plywood lapstrake boat designed by Joel White (E. B. White's son, among other things). The kit is CNC routed out of marine grade plywood by Chesapeake Light Craft in Maryland (pics below).

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