Reduce Person, a plan

21 March 2011 2:39pm | Posted by Alex | Originally posted here

Remember how I mentioned making miniatures with laser scanner and a 3d printer? Well, Joy and I are thinking of heading down to Providence on Sunday April 3rd to do some scans. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome. Let me know here or by email if you're interested and I'll get you directions. If you know anyone else who might be interested, feel free to pass on the invitation; just have them drop me an email. If you really want to join in and the 3rd doesn't work for you, let me know that too; other arrangements could be made.

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5 March 2011 5:05pm | Posted by Alex | Originally posted here

Kittens from the 7V site. We don't know their names yet...


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Reduce Person

5 March 2011 2:34am | Posted by Alex | Originally posted here

So, at work we have a full body laser scanner that lets us produce a 3D model of a person, which I can then scale to any size. And there's this company called Shapeways that takes 3D models and prints them.

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Relationship graphs from iPhoto '11 face detections

28 December 2010 5:31pm | Posted by Alex | Originally posted here

I was flipping through our iPhoto library earlier today and it occurred to me that it would be interesting to visualize who appears in photos together, so I whipped up a ruby script to extract the relationships from the Faces database and visualize them with graphviz.


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Decimal Time

20 December 2009 4:20pm | Posted by Alex | Originally posted here

Decimal Time, sometimes called Metric Time, is a system for understanding the time of day which is at once rational and useless. For no particular reason, one afternoon I put together a menu bar clock to display the time in several of the various decimal time formats. I present this clock to you in all it's useless glory, to do with what you will.

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Inky's going to be a problem

22 October 2009 4:56pm | Posted by Alex | Originally posted here

Pac man pumpkin

Also, Oe's Mr. Pumpkin Head

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